Kubo 酷柏 German Craft Beer

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Have you ever indulged in a craft beer so pure, full of life and soul that it envelopes your taste buds in a barrage of flavor leaving them baffled yet craving for more , more so have you had it in Taiwan and even more so crafted only out of German ingredients? I bet not! – Then voila KUBO German craft beer is just the remedy.


Our beer selection is meticulously handcrafted and brewed with direct accordance to the German Brewing Purity Law from 1516, which means of course that only water, malt, hops and yeast is all we use to perfectly formulate beverages of such class and distinct character. Each beer has a special flavor which is birthed into it naturally from its conception all the way through the fermentation process.


We are proud that our brewery can call the radiant city of Tainan home, which in itself signifies even more character and pizzazz. We can be located in the Annan District after being founded in 2018 we are full of zeal as we serve you our perfected craft.

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Radiating in Amber, a crispy malt flavor with a subtle fruity aroma, setting a balance perfectly between bitterness and sweetness; thus allowing for a beverage everyone can savor!

  • Delightful
  • Best seller
  • Fruity aroma
Altbier in glass
Altbier in glass
  • Colour

    Light Dark
  • Hops

    Mild Hoppy
  • Malt

    Pale Roasted
  • ABV 5.1
  • 330 ml

Hand filled for you in ...



  • 330ml
  • 24 bottles per case
  • Mix your most favorite flavors


For more information please contact us!

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  • Enjoy our craft fresh out of the tap
  • From 10L to 30L
  • Dispenser and equipment for rent


For more information please contact us!

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